B&B on a stunning estate in central Portugal

A place to feel at home

Quinta Vale Porcacho used to be one of the largest farms in the village. Nowadays it continues to be one of the biggest, but its principal activity is rural tourism: a small-scale B&B of 6 hectares with 9 luxurious rooms and a nature house. The secondary activity of the Quinta is organic farming.

We want our guests to have an unforgettable stay in a healthy and natural environment. Our B&B is designed in such a way that there is a lot of privacy, but it is also possible to meet other guests in the casual atmosphere of the general living room or on the terrace with a wonderful view over the infinity pool. In other words, a place where you immediately feel at home.

Quinta Vale Porcacho is a sustainable B&B with respect for people and nature. As much as possible we produce our basic necessities ourselves, such as vegetables, fruits, olive oil and wine and buy from local suppliers. Our water is heated by solar energy and our cleaning materials and resources are ecological.

Used materials are recycled or reused.
We have the ecolabel for tourism (Green key) and are certified for our organic farming (Sativa).

During your stay on the Quinta

When on holiday, almost everyone likes it when they don’t have to arrange anything for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a drink. We are happy to offer a solution for this. Breakfast is included for guests in the guest rooms, but you can also have breakfast with us when you stay in our nature house.

In high season we also serve a three-course dinner twice a week according to the principle of table d ́hôte, where we sit with all the guests at one table. If you would like us to cook for you during low season, please ask about the possibilities.

On non-cooking days we have sandwiches, a salad or soup available. As an additional service we also have the so-called Honesty Bar. This is a well stocked fridge where you can obtain drinks at very reasonable prices.

Ecological swimming pond

We are very proud of our ecological swimming pool of 250 m2. The view from the pool is simply breath-taking and you will truly feel that you have arrived in paradise .Due to its location between the rocks and the used materials, it forms a unity with the surrounding nature -sitting perfectly in the landscape. The croaking frogs and the rustle of the wind in the reeds create an ultimate atmosphere of peace and nature. The water is crystal clear and is beneficial for the body. It’s pure nature!

The swimming area of 140 m2 has an infinity position on the side of the valley with a beautiful view over the river valley and the countryside. The plant part , with an area of 110 m2 ,purifies the water in a natural way and provides the water with new oxygen. The various native plants contribute to this.

On the sun terrace by the pool you can relax with a drink and enjoy the view.


B&B Quinta Vale Porcacho
Karin Immerzeel & Jan van Loon
Póvoa de Midões - Tábua
Licentienummer 5588/TR


+351 917 030 056
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